Uşak Wins 1 Billion Dollars With Recycling

In the recycling sector in which 20 thousand people in the city are employed, 120 tonnes of plastic bottles and 900 tonnes of textile waste turn into fibre. In 150 factories, 360 thousand tonnes of cotton are produced. Sector representatives expect a special incentive from the state for ‘recycling’.

Uşak has started to be considered as the “trash collector of Turkey” with its serious investments in recycling sector. In Uşak which makes the recycling of many products from industrial waste to plastic bottles, sector representatives want to be included in the scope of incentives.

Thanks to the recycling in Uşak which has become a separate sector apart from textile, leather, ceramic and food, the waste that harms nature are presented to reuse as raw materials. While the plastic bottles, textile leftovers and used vehicle tyres are processed and brought into the economy, the state is widely released from the disposal of waste. The raw materials obtained from textile waste are sold to overseas and industrial facilities in other regions. The waste transported from big cities, particularly Istanbul with approximately 60 trucks in a day is processed only in Uşak. The sector reintroduces the ready-made clothing wastes to automotive, textile and furniture sectors. It is stated that the city provides 1 billion dollars of added value from recycling.

The recycling sector with its side branches in which around 20 thousand people are employed gives strength to the city’s economy. 120 tonnes of plastic bottles and 900 tonnes of textile waste are processed and turn into fibre. Some are sold and 500 tonnes per day are turned into yarn and sold to domestic and foreign markets. Also, 15 tonnes of rubber and 5 tonnes of steel are obtained daily from 20 tonnes of automobile tyres.

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