Experience of a Quarter-Century

‘’ The textile journey we had started with our straygran plant under the roof of Billur Tekstil in 1996 gained momentum with our open-end plant we have established in the name Öztan İplik – Arif Öztan in 2010. In all our processes, we have progressed by putting our customers and their needs into the centre. In our aim, there have always been 100% customer satisfaction and an environment friendly production process. In the 20 years we had left behind, we have not lost anything from our excitement. Today, we continue performing our work with the enthusiasm of the first day with our sector experience approaching a quarter century, experienced staff and our annual production capacity of 2.500 tones/year. ‘’

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Quality Felt In Every Touch

Öztan İplik

With our experience of a quarter-century and our production sense that always puts the customers into the centre, we continue to produce environment friendly high quality yarns.

We aim for supporting the brand image of our country which is in the central position of production of regenerated yarn and being an establishment that has a voice in the world market with international accreditations by producing high quality yarns obtained from recycling.

High Quality
Customer Satisfaction
Environment Friendly Production