Uşak’s Highest Taxpayer of 2014 Were Determined

Uşak’s Highest Taxpayers of 2014 Were Announced

The highest taxpayers of 2014 in Uşak were announced in the press conference held.
At the meeting held in Uşak Provincial Finance Office building, Provincial Treasurer İhsan Özbay, saying that everybody is liable to pay tax in the ratio of their incomes, announced the corporate, real estate and rental incomes and institutions and persons who declared the biggest amount of income tax in 2014.
İhsan Özbay, indicating that in Uşak, in 2014, 7 thousand 823 income tax, 4 thousand 838 rental income declarations and one thousand 651 corporate tax declarations were submitted, stated that there were 1,04 percent increase in corporate tax declarations, 1,24 percent decrease in rental income declarations and 4,21 percent decrease in income tax declarations.


İhsan Özbay stated the following in the continuation of his speech; “In 2014, 26 million 706 thousand 477 liras corporate tax, 4 million 907 thousand 8423 liras rental income tax, 20 million 849 thousand 168 liras income tax have accrued. In 2014, in corporate tax Altınsar Tekstil has taken the first rank with 1 million 67 thousand 698 liras, Ağaoğlu Tekstil has taken the second rank with 988 thousand 292 liras, Oksan Köseoğlu Madencilik has taken the third rank with 625 thousand 255 liras. In rental income tax, Necmi Sirgeli has taken the first rank with 83 thousand 537 liras, Cumhur Mert has taken the second rank with 82 thousand 352 liras, Hüseyin Gürsoy has taken the third rank with 80 thousand 303 liras. In income tax, Arif Öztan has taken the first rank with 407 thousand 328 liras, Orhan Gedik has taken the second rank with 338 thousand 989 liras, Halil Ağaoğlu has taken the third rank with 317 thousand 955 liras. In the upcoming days, there will a separate event to honor our taxpayers who have been ranked. ”.

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